Oracle Developer Queries
-- Search for database objects that declare/call the 
-- object "p_update_transaction"

WHERE INSTR(LOWER(text),'p_update_transaction') >0 
ORDER BY name, line;

SELECT * FROM dba_source  
WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(LOWER(text),' p_update_transaction+\s')
ORDER BY name, line;

-- Get list of Oracle database links 

SELECT db_link, owner_id  FROM v$dblink;

-- Display locks on object currently existing on library 
-- cache objects

SELECT * FROM v$access
WHERE  object = UPPER('obj_name')

-- Get list of v$ Oracle views/synomyns

SELECT object_id, owner, object_name, object_type
FROM  all_objects
WHERE  SUBSTR(object_name,1,2) IN ('GV','V$')
ORDER BY object_id

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