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 2LE  2-Line Element (also TLE)
 3LE  3-Line Element (also TLE)
 AAW  Anti Air Warfare
 ABF  Adaptive Beamforming
 AEGIS  Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System
 AESA  Active Electronically Scanned Array
 AoA  Angle of Attack (also Angle of Arrival)
 AeW  Airborne Early Warning
 AMTI  Airborne Moving Target Indication
 APAR  Active Phased Array Radar
 APC  Armored Personnel Carrier
 ASDE  Airport Surface Detection Equipment (radar)
 ASR  Airport Surveillance Radar
 ASW  Anti Submarine Warfare
 ATCRBS  Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
 ATIS  Automated Terminal Information System
 ATR  Automatic Target Recognition
 AWACS  Airborne Warning and Control System
 AWOS  Automated Weather Observation System
 ADS-B  Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system
 BTR  Bearing Time Record
 CAPPI  Constant Altitude PPI
 CBF  Conventional Beamforming
 CCSDS  Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
 CFAR  Constant FAR
 CFDS  CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (file transfer between Earth and orbiting space based satellites, telescopes etc.)
 CNR  Clutter to Noise Ratio (Radar)
 CVS  Combined Vision Systems (related terms EVS, SVS)
 DARPA  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
 DBF  Digital Beamforming
 DCP  Data Collection Platform (bouy, free-floating balloons, remote weather stations etc.)  
 DDN  Defense Data Network
 DECM  Defensive Electronic Counter Measures
 DISA  Defense Information Systems Agency (previously know as DNSO)
 DME  Distance Measuring Equipment (GPS)
 DoA  Direction of Arrival (signal)
 DoD  Department of Defense (USA)
 DPCA  Displaced Phase Center Antenna
 DSCS  Defense Satellite Communications System
 DSN  Deep Space Network
 ECCM  Electronic Counter-Counter Measures
 ECM  Electronic Counter Measures
 ECW  Electronic Control Weapon
 EESS  Earth Exploration-Satellite Service
 EFVS  Enhanced Flight Vision System
 EGM  Earth Gravitational Model
 ELB  Emergency Locator Beacon
 ELT  Emergency Locator Transmitter
 EPFS  Electronic Position Fixing System
 EPIRB  Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon
 ESVS  Enhanced SVS
 EVS  Enhanced Vision Systems (related terms CVS, SVS)
 FAR  False Alarm Rate (radar)
   FAR = (false targets per PRT)/(Number of range cells)
 FFP  Far-Field Pattern (antenna design)
 FFP  Full Field Processing
 FLIR  Forward-Looking Infra-Red
 FoV  Field of View
 FRB  Fast Radio Burst
 GEO  Geostationary Earth Orbit (communication satellites at orbit distance of about 35,651 km above equator)  
 GEOS  Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellite
 GIG  Global Information Grid (a DoD network)  
 GMDSS  Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (IMO)
 GOES  Geostationary Operational Environment Satellite
 GPS  Global Positioning System/Satellite
 HEL  High Energy Laser
 HELIOS  High-Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance
 HEMP  High altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
 HEMP  High energy Electromagnetic Pulse
 HMD  Head/Helmet Mounted Display (night-vision, camera, etc.)
 HMSD  Helmet Mounted Sight and Display
 HPM  High Power Microwave
 HPTR  High Probability Tracking Radar
 HRPT  High Resolution Picture Transmission (satellite aerial photography)
 IBF  Inverse Beamforming
 IFF  Identification of Friend or Foe (military/civilian - aircraft identification used in a radar )
 IFOG  Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyroscope
 IFR  Instrument Flight Rules (Visual - VFR)
 IMO  International Maritime Organization
 INMARSAT    International Maritime Satellite Organization
 INS    Inertial Navigation Systems
 ISS  International Space Station
 ISS    Inter-satellite Service
 JWICS    Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (DoD)
 LANTRIN    Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night
 LBT    Low Band Tramsmitter
 LEO  Low Earth Orbit (communication satellites at orbit distance of about 400 to 2,000 KM above earth)  
 LORAN  Long Range Navigation  
 LWIR  Long Wave Infra-Red
 MEO  Medium Earth Orbit (communication satellites at orbit distance of about 8,000 to 16,000 KM above earth)  
 MGRS  Military Grid Reference System (US military; designed for use with UPS and UTM)  
 MNR  Multiplicative Noise Ratio (radar)
 MTD  Moving Target Detection (radar)
 MTI  Moving Target Indicator (on radar)
 MTT  Multi Traget Tracking ( Single - STT)
 MVDR  Minimum Variance Distortionless Response
 NASA  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
 NDB  Non-Directional Becon (radio transmitter)
 NEAR  Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
 NEO  Near Earth Object
 NEXRAD  Next-Generation Doppler Radar
 NFP  Near-Field Pattern (antenna design)
 NIPRNet  Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (DoD; secret SIPRNet)
 NPOESS  National Polar Orbiting Environment Satellite System
 NVD  Night Vision Device (goggles)
 NVG  Night Vision Goggles
 OCXO  Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
 OT&E  Operational Test & Evaluation (DoD process)
 PESA  Passive Electronically Scanned Array
 PLB  Personal Locator Beacon
 POES  Polar-Orbiting Meteorological Satellite
 PPI  Plan Position Indicator (a type of radar display)
 PRF  Pulse Repetition Frequency (radar)
 PRT  Pulse Repetition Time (PRT = 1/PRF)
 RACON  Radar Beacon
 RDF  Radio Direction Finder
 RFOG  Resonator Fiber Optic Gyroscope
 RHAW  Radar Homing and Warning
 RLG  Ring Laser Gyroscope
 SAR  Search and rescue
 SAR  Synthetic Aperture Radar
 SARSAT  Search and Rescue Satellite
 SAS  Synthetic Aperture Sonar
 SBR  Space Based Radar
 SDO  Solar Dynamics Observatory
 SETI  Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence
 SIPRNet  Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (DoD; Non-classified NIPRNet)
 SGLS  Satellite Ground Link Subsystem
 SLAR  Side Looking Airborne Radar
 SSR  Secondary Surveillance Radar
 STACSAR  Small Tactical Synthetic Aperture Radar
 STOL  Short Take-Off and Landing aircraft
 STT  Single Traget Tracking ( Multi - MTT)
 SVS  Synthetic Vision System (related terms CVS, EVS)
   SVS: based on computer vision and AI to generate 3D view of terrain in aircrafts
 TACAN  Tactical Air Navigation
 TDRSS  Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
 TESAR  Tactical Endurance Radar
 TFR  Terrain-Following Radar
 TT&C  Tracking, Telemetry, and Command
 UAP  Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
 UAT  Universal Access Transceiver
 UAV  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone)
 UESA  UHF Electronically Scanned Array
 UFO  Unidentified Flying Object
 USAT  Ultra Small Aperture Terminal
 VFR  Visual Flight Rules (Instrument - IFR)
 VIMS  Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer
 VOR  VHF Omnidirectional Range
 VSAT  Very Small Aperture Terminal
 VTOL  Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft
 WAAS  Wide Area Augmentation System (GPS)
 WGS  Wideband Gapfiller Satellite
 WGS  World Geodetic System (WGS84 - WGS 1984 is reference coordinate system used by GPS)
 WMM  World Magnetic Model

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