General Manufacturing Terms
 AMH    Automated Material Handling 
 AQL    Acceptable Quality Level  
 ASTM    American Society for Testing and Materials  
 ATO    Assemble to Order  
 ATP    Available to Promise 
 ATR    Available to Reserve 
 ATT    Available to Transact 
 BOM    Bill of Materials (listing of individual components in manufactured part) 
 CAIBE    Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching  
 CAM    Computer Aided Manufacturing  
  CAPP    Computer Aided Production Planning  
  CAPPC    Computer Aided Production Planning and Control  
  CAPSC    Computer Aided Production Scheduling and Control  
 CAQ     Computer Aided Quality control  
 CDRL    Contract Data Requirements List  (subcontract SDRL)
 CIM    Computer Integrated Manufacturing 
 CNC    Computer Numerical Control (automated manufacturing machines) 
 CTO    Configuration to Order 
 CWQC    Company Wide Quality Control (TQC
 DFM    Design For Manufacturability 
 DFx    Design For validation/testing/manufacturing 
 DRP    Distribution Resource Planning 
 DUT    Device Under Test  
 ECM    Electro-Chemical Machining 
 EDM    Electrical Discharge Machining 
 ERP    Enterprise Resource Planning 
 EUT    Equipment Under Test  
  FDM    Fused Deposition Modeling  
 FOB    Freight On-Board 
 ICC    Inventory Carrying Cost 
 JIT    Just In-Time (inventory management) 
 MAP    Manufacturing Automation Protocol (computer network created by Boeing based on IEEE-802.4)  
 MAPICS    Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control System  
 MES    Manufacturing Execution Systems ( ERP, MRP)  
 MPS    Master Production Schedule 
 MRP    Manufacturing Resource Planning 
 MRP    Material Requirement Planning 
  MTBM    Mean Time Between Maintenance  
  NAICS    North American Industrial Classification System 
  NEMA    National Electrical Manufacturers Association  
 ODM    Original Design Manufacturer 
 OEE    Overall Equipment Effectiveness
 OEM    Original Equipment Manufacturer 
 OSM    Original System Manufacturer 
 PTO    Pick To Order 
 RAM    Requirements Allocation Matrix 
 RMA    Return Material Authorization 
 RMG    Return of Material Goods 
 RTM    Release to Manufacture 
 SDRL    Subcontract Data Requirements List  (contract CDRL)
 SJF    Shortest Job First (scheduling)  
 SJN    Shortest Job Next (scheduling)  
 SLS    Selective Laser Sintering  
 SPN    Shortest Process Next (scheduling)  
 TEM    Telecom Equipment Manufacturer 
 TIR    Total Indicator Reading (also Run-Out)  
 TCQ    Total Quality Control (CWQC)  
 TQM    Total Quality Management  
 UUT    Unit Under Test  
 VAN    Value Added Network (suppliers) 
 VFR    Value Flow Rate  

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