Electrical, Computer and General Engineering/Technology
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 ABT    Advanced BiCMOS Technology  
 ACPI    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (power management specification)  
 AGV    Automated Guided Vehicle (robotic material transferring vehicle) 
 ALF    Advanced Library Format (IEEE-1603/ IEC-62265 standard used in ASIC design)  
 ALSTTL    Advanced Low-power Schottky TTL)  
 AMBA    Advance Microcontroller Bus Architecture (Open standard for on-chip bus specification)  
 AMP    Asymmetric Multi-Processing (symmetric - SMP)  
 AND    AND logic gate (other logic - NAND, NOR, XNOR, OR, XOR, NOT )  
 ASCI    Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative  
 ASIC    Application-Specific Integrated Circuit  
 ATMP    Assembly, Test, Mark, and Packaging (electronic chips etc.)  
 AWG    Arbitrary Waveform Generator  
 AZ/EL/POL    Azimuth, Elevation, Polar axes/co-ordinates in an antenna design/mounting  
 BEOL    Back End of Line (IC fabrication; front - FEOL)  
 BSAC    Bit Sliced Arithmetic Coding (audio coding algorithm developed by Samsung) 
 BSDL    Boundary Scan Description Language (hardware description language)  
 BTL    Backplane Transceiver Logic (other logic GTL)  
 CAD    Computer Aided Design  
 CAE    Computer Aided Engineering  
 CAMAC    Computer-Aided Measurement And Control (data acquisition standard)  
 CASE    Computer Aided Software Engineering 
 CAWE    Computer Aided Web Engineering 
 CBSE    Component Based Software Engineering 
 CFAR    Constant False Alarm Rate (Radar)
 CIR    Complex Impluse Response  
 CMRR    Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR = Differential mode gain/Common-mode gain)  
   CMRR = 20*log(Ad/|Acm|) dB  
 CENELEC    Comité Européen de Normalisation Électrotechnique  
 CLCC    Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier  
 CML   Current Mode Logic (Logic Gate design)  
 CMOS   Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor  
 CMVR    Common mode voltage range (operational amplifier)  
 COGO    Co-ordinate Geometry (software for land surveying, mapping etc.)
 CSO    Composite Second Order (microwave distortion)  
 CSP    Chip Scale Package  
 CSP    Chip Size Package  
 CTS    Clock Transition System  
 DCS    Distributed Control System  
 DEF    Design Exchange Format (circuit design, VLSI)  
 DEM    Distributed-Element Model (TLM; electrical power transmission)  
 DFL    Distributed Feedback Laser  
 DFM    Design For Manufacturability 
 DFT    Design For Test/Testability 
 DIB    Dual Independent Bus architecture 
 DLC    Dynamic Load Control (electric grid, battery charging, etc.) 
 DMA    Direct Memory Access 
 DRBG    Deterministic Random bit Generator  (PRNG)
 DTL    Diode-Transistor Logic  
 DUT    Device Under Test  
 DXF    Drawing Exchange Format (AutoCAD drawing file format) 
 EBR    Electron Beam Recording  
 ECAD    Electrical/Electronic engineering CAD 
 ECL    Emitter-Coupled Logic  
 ECO    Engineering Change Order 
 EDA    Electronic Design Automation  
 EEL    Electric Echo Loss  
 EIA    Electronic Industry Alliance 
 EMR    Electromagnetic Radiation 
 EMRP    Effective Monopole Radiated Power (Europe)  
 ENOB    Effective Number of Bits  
 EPT    Extended Page Tables (used to reduce transitions for VMM  to manage memory virtualization)  
 ESD    Electrostatic Discharge 
 ESR    Equivalent Series Resistance  
 ESL    Equivalent Series Inductance (L - Inductance)  
 ESPRIT    Estimating Signal Parameter via Rotational Invariance Techniques  
 ETO    Engineering-to-Order (customized product) 
 ETS    Equivalent Time Sampling  
 EUT    Equipment Under Test  
 FEA    Field Emitter Array  
 FEA    Finite Element Analysis  
 FELV    Functional Extra-Low Voltage  
 FEOL    Front End of Line (IC fabrication; back - BEOL)  
 FMCW    Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (radar devices)  
 FPSLIC    Field Programmable System Level Integrated Circuit  
 GART    Graphic Address Remapping Table 
 GPR    Ground Penetrating Radar
 GTL    Gunning Transceiver Logic (invented by William Gunning; other logic BTL
 HTRB    High Temperature Reverse Bias  
 HVPE    Hydride Vapour Phase Epitaxy (semiconductors manufacture)
 ICEM    Integrated Computer aided Engineering and Manufacturing  
 ICSP    In-Circuit Serial Programming  
 IDL    Integral Non-Linearity (a measure of performance in ADC and DAC converters)  
 IEC    International Engineering Consortium  
 IEEE    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 
 IGES    Initial Graphics Exchange Specification  
   IGES: vendor-neutral file format used in CAD Systems  
 IMD    Intermodulation Distortion 
 IOMMU    Input Output Memory  Management Unit 
 IRF    Impulse Response Function (signal processing)  
 ISP    In-System Programming  
 JEDEC    Joint Electron Device Engineering Council 
 JEIDA    Refer JEIDA  
 JESSI    Joint European Submicron Silicon Initiative  
 LCCC    Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier  
 LCLV    Liquid-Crystal Light-Valve  
 LDA    Laser Doppler Anemometer  
 LDMOS    Laterally Diffused MOS  
 LDV    Laser Doppler Velocimeter  
 LET    Linear Energy Transfer  
 LFSR    Linear Feedback Shift Register (used in creating PRN
 LIGBT    Lateral Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor  
 LLP    Lead-less Lead-frame Package  
 LPN    Logical Page Number ( MMU
 LQR    Linear Quadratic Regulator  
 LSTTL    Low power Schottky TTL  
 LVCMOS    Low Voltage CMOS  
 LVDS    Low Voltage Differential Signalling (EIA-644)
 LVTTL    Low Voltage TTL  
 MBE    Model-Based Engineering  
 MBSE    Model-Based Systems Engineering  
 MCAD    Mechanical engineering CAD 
 MCBF   Mean Cycles Between Failures  
 MCW   Multi-Carrier Waveform  
 MDOF    Multi Degree of Freedom (single - SDOF)  
 MLCC    Metal Leaded Chip Carrier  
 MOS   Metal Oxide Semiconductor  
 MPN    Machine Page Number ( MMU
 MTBF    Mean Time Between Failures  
 MTBO    Mean Time Between Outages  
 MVDR    Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (used in antenna, radar, microphone design)  
 NDR    Negative Differential Resistence (transistor)  
 NEC    Numerical Electromagnetics Code (antenna modelling Fortran program, initial version created at LLNL
 NEP    Noise Equivalent Power; measure of photodetector sensitivity [NEP = P/SNR]  
   NEP: Signal power that results in SNR of 1 in 1 Hz output bandwidth  
 NLDM    Nonlinear Delay Model  
 NMRR    Normal-Mode Rejection Ratio   NMRR = 20 * log(Vin/Verror)  
   Vin is input and Verror is error voltage respectively in DMM  
 NRE    Non Recurring Engineering (refers to one time research, engineering/design of a product and costs) 
 NSE    Noise Spectrum Equalizer  
 NTC    Negative Temperature Coefficient of resistance  
 OCM    On-Chip Memory  
 OFDM    Orthogonal FDM 
 OSR    Over-Sampling Ratio (ADC)  
   OSR = (sampling or clock frequency)/(2 x Analog signal bandwidth)  
 PAE    Physical Address Extension ( Memory )  
 PAPR    Peak to Average Power Ratio  
 PAR    Peak to Average Ratio  
 PARD    Periodic and Random Deviation  
 PDL    Program Description Language  
 PDS    Processor Direct Slot  
 PEEL    Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic  
 PELV    Protected Extra-Low Voltage  
 PID    Proportional-Integral-Derivative (controller in robots)  
 PIND    Particle Impact Noise Detection  
 PIPO    Parallel-In to Parallel-Out (shift register)  
 PISO    Parallel-In to Serial-Out (shift register)  
 PIV    Peak Inverse Voltage (diode)  
 PLC    Planar Lightwave Circuits (used in PON
 PLCC    Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier  
 PLL    Phase Locked Loop  
 PPN    Physical Page Number ( MMU
 PRBS    Pseudo Random Binary Sequence  
 PRBS    Pseudo Random Bit Sequence  
 PRF    Pulse Repetition Frequency  
 PRI    Pulse Repetition Interval  
 PRN    Pseudo Random Number  
 PRNG    Pseudo Random Number Generator 
 PRR    Pulse Repetition Rate  
 PRV    Peak Reverse Voltage (diode); same as PIV  
 PSD    Power Spectral Density  
 PSNR    Peak Signal to Noise Ratio
 PSRR    Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR = 10log10(ΔVsupply2Av2/ΔVout2) dB  
   Av is voltage gain  
 PTC    Positive Temperature Coefficient of resistance  
 QFE    Quick Fix Engineering (refers to application/software hotfix, patches, hardware etc.) 
 QSOP    Quarter Small Outline Package (SOIC)  
 ROV    Remotely Operated Vehicle (typically underwater robotic vehicle)
 RTL    Resistor-Transistor Logic  
 RTP    Rapid Thermal Processing (semiconductor manufacturing)  
 SAW    Surface Acoustic Wave  
 SBDIP    Side Braze Dual-In-line Package  
 SCADA    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (software) 
 SCARA    Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (industrial robot) 
 SCL   Source Coupled Logic (Logic Gate design)  
 SCPI    Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments  
 SDBGA    Stacked Die Ball Grid Array  
   SDBGA: Super Dissipation Ball Grid Array  
 SDOF    Single Degree of Freedom (multi - MDOF)  
 SECAM    Systems Engineering Capability Assessment Model 
 SEE    Single Event Effects (ASIC/FPGA) 
 SEL    Single Event Latchup (laser testing)  
 SEL    Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)  
 SELV    Separated or Safety Extra-Low Voltage  
 SET    Single Event Transient (ASIC/FPGA
 SEU    Single Event Upset (ASIC/FPGA) 
 SFDR    Spurious Free Dynamic Range  
 SICL    Standard Instrument Control Library  
 SINAD    Signal to Noise and Distortion Ratio  
 SIO    Serial Input/Output (I/O)  
 SIPO    Serial-In to Parallel-Out (shift register)  
 SIR    Surface Insulation Resistance  
 SISO    Serial-In to Serial-Out (shift register)  
 SLC    Surface Laminar Circuit  
 SLICC    Slightly Larger than IC Carrier  
 SMA    Surface Mount Assembly  
 SMOBC    Solder Mask Over Bare Copper  
 SMRT    Surface Mount and Reflow Technology  
 SMT    Surface Mount Technology  
 SNR    Signal to Noise (S/N) ratio (SNR formulation)  
 SOIC    Small Outline Integrated Circuit  
 SPDM    Scalable Polynomial Delay Model  
 Spice    Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis  
 SRC    Scalable Sampling Rate  
 SSI    Signal Strength Indicator  
 SSOP    Shrink Small Outline Package (SOIC)  
 SST    Simultaneous Self Test  
 SST    Solid State Technology  
 STTL    Schottky TTL  
 STW    Surface Transversal Wave  
 SH-SAW    Shear Horizontal SAW  
 TAV    Transverse Acoustoelectric Voltage  
 TCC    Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance  
 TCR    Temperature Coefficient of Resistance; TCR=(R - R0)/(R0 x (T - T0))  
 TEM    Transverse Electro-Magnetic (mode of propogation restricted to transverse)  
 THB    Temperature, Humidity Bias  
 THD    Total Harmonic Distortion  
 TLM    Transmission-Line Model (DEM)  
 TSOP    Thin Small Outline Package (SOIC)  
 TSPCR    True Single-Phase Clocked Register  
 TSSOP    Thin Shrink Small Outline Package  
 TSTN    Triple Super Twisted Nematic  
 TTL    Transistor-Transistor Logic  
 TTS    Timed Transition Systems  
 TVI    Television Interfence (signal)  
 USAT    Ultra Small Aperture Terminal  
 UVLO    Under Voltage Lockout  
 Vac    Voltage alternating current  
 Vcc    Designation of (collector) supply voltage in an IC  
 VCSEL    Vertical Cavity SEL  
 Vdc    Voltage direct current  
 Vdd    Designation of drain voltage (pin) in an IC  
 Vee    Designation of Emitter voltage (pin) in an IC  
 VISA    Virtual Instrument Software Architecture  
 VMM    Virtual Machine Monitor  
 VSAT    Very Small Aperture Terminal (satellite communication system used in GPS, GSM etc.)  
 VSOP    Very Small Outline Package (SOIC)  
 Vss    Designation of Source voltage (pin) in an IC  
 WLP    Wafer Level Package  
 WSI    Wafer-Scale Integration  
 WUT    Wafer Under Test  
 ZCS    Zero Current Switching  
 ZIL    Zigzag In-Line (pin arrangement in chips)  
 ZIP    Zigzag Inline Package (chip package)  
 ZVS    Zero Voltage Switching  
 ZWS    Zero Wait State (computer chipsets designed to process memory instantaneously with least/no waiting)  

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